Little Feat at Auckland Town Hall, July 1976

Little Feat at Auckland Town Hall, July 1976 Photo: Supplied

1PM - 2PM

Catch up with Katchafire

Trevor Reekie (Worlds Of Music) lists his musical highlights of 2016 

2PM - 3PM

The Bats introduce 'No Trace'

Introducing: ONONO

Julia Jacklin In Session

3PM - 4PM

Under The Influence: Little Feat

4PM - 5PM

The RNZ Mixtape - RNZ Music's favourite releases of 2016

Music played in this show

1PM - 2PM

Artist: Katchafire
Song: Collie Herb Man [Joost Langveld & Roger Perry Reactor Dub] 
Composer: Katchafire, Joost Langveld & Roger Perry 
Album: Jstar & Dr Cat Present Dub Zealand: Bass Culture Music

Artist: Katchafire
Song: Burn It Down
Composer: Katachafire
Album: Burn It Down single
Label: Universal

Hamilton to Hawaii. Roots Ambassadors - Katchafire
Artist: Katchafire
Song: Punky Reggae party
Composer: B. Marley, L. Perry
Album: Babylon by bus
Label: Tuff Gong/Island

Artist: Yoko-Zuna
Song: January Sun
Composer: Yoko-Zuna
Album: January Sun single
Label: LOOP Recordings

Artist: BAYNK
Song: What You Need ft. Nika
Composer: BAYNK
Album: What You Need ft. Nika
Label: BAYNK

Artist: Ibibio Sound Machine
Song: The Pot Is On Fire
Composer: Ibibio Sound Machine
Album: Uyai
Label: Merge Records

Highlights of 2016 with Worlds Of Music's Trevor Reekie
Artist: Ane Brun
Song: Sonnet 138: When My Love Swears That He Is Made of Truth
Composer: Music - Brun. words - Shakespeare
Album: Single only
Label: Balloon Ranger Recordings thru Universal Music

Artist: Anoushka Shankar
Song: Boat To Nowhere
Composer: Shankar
Album: Land of Gold
Label: Deutsche Grammophon

Artist: The Bats
Song: No Trace
Composer: The Bats
Album: The Deep Set
Label: Flying Nun Records

Artist: Father John Misty 
Song: Holy Hell 
Composer: J. Tillman
Album: Holy Hell single
Album: Father John Misty

Artist: Onono
Song: Slo Burn
Composer: J Nott
Album: Bad Posture
Label: Onono

Artist: Gaby Moreno
Song: O, Me
Composer: G. Moreno
Album: Illusion
Label: Metamorfosis Enterprises Inc.

Artist: Ryan Hemsworth
Song: Holy ft. RYAN Playground & swim good now
Composer: R. Hemsworth
Album: Holy single
Label: Last Gang Records

Julia Jacklin In Session
Artist: Julia Jacklin
Songs: Elizabeth, Don't Let The Kids Win
Composer: Jacklin
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: The Flaming Lips
Song: Sunrise (Eyes Of The Young
Composer: Flaming Lips
Album: Oczy Mlody
Label: Warner Bros. Music

Artist: k2k
Song: We Down For
Composer: k2k 
Album: Sugar
Label: Margins

Under The Influence: Little Feat
Artist: Little Feat
Songs: Rock’n’Roll Doctor, Dixie Chicken
Comp: George/Martin
Song: Feats Don’t Fail Me Now
Comp: George/Martin/ Barerre
Songs: Sailin’ Shoes, Roll Um Easy, Two Trains, A Apolitical Blues
Comp: George 
Song: All That You Dream
Comp: Barerre
Song: Oh Atlanta
Comp: Payne
Song: Mercenary Territory
Comp: George/Hayward
Albums: Waiting For Columbus, Dixie Chicken, Sailin’ Shoes
Labe; Warners

Artist: i.e. Crazy
Song: The Ape (Plastic Surgery Song) 
Composer: C. Duncan
Album: Non Compos Mentis
Label: Muzai Records

Artist: Scalper
Song: Trojan Horses
Composer: Scalper
Album: Scalper Cuts
Label: Quixote Music

Artist: Gilbert O’Sullivan
Song: Alone Again
Composer: Gilbert O'Sullivan
Label: MAM

Artist: Margo Guryan
Song: Under My Umbrella 
Composer: Margo Guryan
Album: Thoughts
Label: RPM Records 

Artist: Juca Chaves
Song: Take me Back to Piaui 
Composer: Juca Chaves
Album: Take Me Back To Piauí / Vou Viver Num Arco-Íris
Label: RGE

Artist: Aurita Castillo
Song: Chambacu
Composer: Aurita Castillo
Album: Chambacu / Separacion
Label: Peerless

Artist: Malika
Song: Ya Ya Twist
Composer: Robinson, Lewis, Aber, L. Dorsey
Album: Chante En Français Ya Ya Twist
Label: Philips

Artist: New Paradise
Song: I Love Video 
Composer: New Paradise
Album: I Love Video
Label: Versatile Records

Artist: Mag & The Suspect 
Song: Erection 
Composer: Welkin, Del Pino, Failure
Album: Erection
Label: London Records

Artist: Alain Chamfort 
Song: Volatile (Get a Room! Remix) Composer: Alain Chamfort
Album: Le Meilleur D'Alain Chamfort (Versions Revisitées)
Label: OU

Artist: Alain Chamfort
Song: Manureva (Ivan Smagghe remix) 
Composer: Alain Chamfort
Album: Le Meilleur D'Alain Chamfort (Versions Revisitées)
Label: OU

Artist: Pick A Piper
Song: Geographically Opposed feat. Introverted Dancefloor
Composer: B. Weber
Album: Distance
Label: Pick A Piper