Street Chant
In a revealing essay penned for The Pantograph Punch last September, Street Chant’s Emily Littler documented the litany of difficulties she faced while trying to complete the band’s much delayed second LP: “Writers’ block, poor band dynamics, substance abuse problems... you name it. With the release of Hauora, Littler and bandmate Billie Rogers talk us through the album’s laboured delivery.

Street Chant (L-to-R: Emily Littler, Billie Rogers, Christopher Varnham)

Street Chant (L-to-R: Emily Littler, Billie Rogers, Christopher Varnham) Photo: Hadley Donaldson

Parquet Courts
Parquet Courts have built their reputation on dry wit, wiry guitar tones and a vocal performance that goes from lethargic to lethal with the flick of a switch. With their latest release Human Performance out this week, singer and guitarist Andrew Savage opens up about the writing process, police brutality and the latest New Zealand signing to his record label.

Parquet Courts

Parquet Courts Photo: Courtesy of Parquet Courts


Former Dirty Projectors' bassist Angel Deradoorian speaks to Shaun D. Wilson about her new solo incarnation, Deradoorian, ahead of her shows in NZ next week. 

Live: Miloux
Auckland jazz trained singer and beat-maker Rebecca Melrose, a.k.a. Miloux has just released her debut EP - she plays a couple of those songs live in the studio.


Miloux Photo: Zac Arnold


The Secret Life of Lighting Techs
Your favourite concert probably wouldn’t have had the impact it did without the tireless work of these unsung heroes – lighting technicians. On this week’s Secret Life, Tony Stamp delves into the world of lighting, talking to techs, designers and video operators, and discovers an industry full of people willing to go the extra mile to practice this large-scale art form.

Lighting technician Kim Newall and Tony Stamp

Lighting technician Kim Newall and Tony Stamp Photo: Tony Stamp

Introducing: How Get

How Get

How Get Photo: Courtesy of How Get

Three albums into his tenure as Deftones’ bassist, New York-based musician Sergio Vega remains the new guy in the Sacramento alt-metal outfit. With the release of Deftones’ eighth studio LP Gore, Vega explains the geographical challenges presented by their bi-coastal line-up.

Deftones (L-to-R: Stephen Carpenter, Chino Moreno, Sergio Vega, Abe Cunningham, Frank Delgado)

Deftones (L-to-R: Stephen Carpenter, Chino Moreno, Sergio Vega, Abe Cunningham, Frank Delgado) Photo: Frank Maddocks

Music played in this show


Artist: DJ Shadow
Song: The Mountain Will Fall
Composer: Davis
Album: The Mountain Will Fall
Label: Private

Street Chant - Hauora

Artist: Street Chant
Song: Refreshead, Hauora Forever, The Good Room, Insides, Never, Pedestrian Support League, One More Year
Composer: Street Chant
Album: Hauora
Label: Arch Hill Recordings

Artist: Roy Irwin
Song: Defect
Composer: R. Irwin
Album: Chrome Lord EP
Label: Roy Irwin

Parquet Courts

Artist: Parquet Courts
Song: Human Performance,
Composer: Parquet Courts
Album: Human Performance
Label: Rough Trade

Artist: Parquet Courts
Song: Monastic Living I.
Composer: Parquet Courts
Album: Monastic Living
Label: Rough Trade

Artist: Parquet Courts
Song: Outside, Two Dead Cops, One Man, No City
Composer: Parquet Courts
Album: Human Performance
Label: Rough Trade

Artist: Zen Mantra
Song: Maybe I'll See You In My Dreams
Composer: S. Perry
Album: Zen Mantra
Label: Flying Nun Records

Artist: Merle Haggard
Song: Mama Tried
Composer: Haggard
Album: 40#1 Hits
Label: EMI

The Sampler - Ryan Bingham

Artist: Ryan Bingham
Songs: Nobody Knows My Trouble, Gun Fighting Man, Adventures of You and Me, Diamond Is Too Rough, Fear and Saturday Night, Broken Heart Tattoos.
Composer: Bingham
Album: Fear and Saturday Night
Label: Universal

Artist: Dave Dobbyn
Song: You get so lonely
Composer: Dobbyn
Album: Harmony House
Label: Red Trolley


Angel Deradoorian

Artist: Deradoorian
Song: The Expanding Flower Planet, A Beautiful Woman
Composer: Angel Deradoorian
Album: The Expanding Flower Planet
Label: Anticon

Artist: Mariah Carey
Song: Dreamlover
Composer: Mariah Carey, Dave Hall
Album: Greatest Hits
Label: Columbia

Artist: Leila Adu
Song: The Bluest Eye
Composer: Adu
Album: Scary Love Monster
Label: Beats and Whistles

Artist: Yumi Zouma
Song: Keep It Close To Me
Composer: Yumi Zouma
Album: Yoncalla
Label: Cascine

Milloux Live in Session

Artist: Miloux
Song: These Rules, Pocket
Composer: Rebecca Melrose
Album: RNZ Recording
Label: RNZ Recording

Artist: M83
Song: Do it, Try it
Composer: M83
Album: Junk
Label: Mute

Artist: Upper Hutt Posse
Song: E Tu
Composer: Hapeta, DLT, Roughan
Album: Dedicated (1988 - 1991)
Label: Posse Songs

Artist: Phife Dawg
Song: Nutshell
Composer: Phife
Album: Single
Label: Smoking Needles

Artist: David Byrne
Song: How Does The Brain Wave?
Composer: Baby Elephant
Album: Single
Label: Private


The Secret Life of Lighting Techs

Artist: Hot Chip
Song: Flutes (Sasha Remix)

Composer: Hot Chip/ Sasha

Album: Single
Label: Last Night On Earth


Artist: David Bowie

Song: Sound and Vision

Composer: David Bowie
Album: Low

Label: RCA

Artist: The Streets
Song: Blinded By The Lights
Composer: Mike Skinner

Album: A Grand Don’t Come For Free

Label: Warner Music

Artist: Fat Freddy’s Drop

Song: Mother Mother

Composer: Fat Freddy’s Drop
Album: Blackbird

Label: The Drop

Artist: Kiasmos
Song: Burnt
Composer: Ólafur Arnalds and Janus Rasmussen

Album: Kiasmos

Label: Erased Tapes

Artist: Citizen Band
Song: Ladder Song
Composer: Citizen Band
Album: Citizen Band
Label: Mandrill

Artist: Th’ Dudes
Song: Walking In Light
Composer: Dave Dobbyn, Ian Morris
Album: Where Are The Boys?
Label: Key

Artist: Chemical Brothers
Song: Under Neon Lights
Composer: Tom Rowlands, Ed Simons, Annie Clark
Album: Born In The Echoes
Label: Virgin EMI

Artist: Sere
Song: Alien Boy
Composer: The Wipers
Album: Wiped Out: A Tribute To The Wipers
Label: Zero

Artist: Soccer Practice
Song: Windfall, Haere Mai E Tama
Composer: Soccer Practice
Album: Single
Label: Freezing Works


Artist: Sol3Mio
Song: No Diggity
Composer: Chauncey Hannibal, Teddy Riley, William Stewart, Lynise Walters, Andre Young, Richard Vick, Bill Withers
Album: Single
Label: Umusic

Artist: Weird Together
Song: Drop The Brass
Composer: Nick Dwyer, Dick Johnson, Leon Radojkovic
Album: Single
Label: Private

Artist: Kanye West
Song: All Of The Lights
Composer: West, Bhasker, Jones, Warren Trotter
Album:My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
Label: Roc-A-Fella, Def Jam

Artist: Moniker
Song: Milestone 2 (Skux Life)
Composer: Moniker
Album: Hunt for The Wilderpeople OST
Label: Private

Artist: Anika Moa
Song: Taniwha Taniwha
Composer: Moa
Album: Songs for Bubbas 2
Label: Diamond and Kowhai

Introducing: How Get

Artist: How Get
Song: Rest
Composer: How Get
Album: Very Strong
Label: How Get



Artist: Deftones
Song: Gore, Prayers/Triangles, Pittura Infamante, Phantom Bride, Acid Hologram
Composer: Deftones
Album: Gore
Label: Reprise

Artist: PJ Harvey
Song: The Orange Monkey
Composer: Harvey
Album: The Hope Six Demolition Project
Label: Island

Artist: Andrew Bird
Song: Left Handed Kisses ft. Fiona Apple
Composer: Bird
Album: Are You Serious
Label: Wegawam

Artist: The Veldt
Song: Sanctified
Composer: Danny C. Chavis, Daniel Chavis, Hayato Nakao
Album: The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation
Label: Private