Mick Fleetwood
Before Fleetwood Mac relocated to America and became one of the biggest selling bands on the planet, they were an authentic blues band. Mick Fleetwood is bringing his Mick Fleetwood Blues Band to New Zealand to recreate the magic of the late ’60s British blues boom. Ahead of the visit, he talks to Trevor Reekie about Fleetwood Mac’s blues years.

Mick Fleetwood Blues Band featuring guitarist Rick Vito and Mick Fleetwood

Mick Fleetwood Blues Band featuring guitarist Rick Vito and Mick Fleetwood Photo: Courtesy of Mick Fleetwood Blues Band

Eddie Johnston has been releasing music under the Lontalius and Race Banyon monikers for a number of years, clocking up millions of listens on his SoundCloud page and collaborating with big names like Ty Dolla Sign and DJ Dahi. Samuel Scott catches up with Eddie on the eve of the release of I'll Forget 17, the first Lontalius long player.


Lontalius Photo: Courtesy of Eddie Johnston

Average Rap Band
Average Rap Band surprise released their synth-y, sunshine-drenched debut album El Sol last week with little fanfare. From his flat on Melbourne’s Smith St, ARB’s Tom Scott explains where El Sol fits alongside his back catalogue of Home Brew and @Peace records.


Girl Talk
With his insatiable appetite for top 40 chart fodder and tireless championing of fair use laws, Pittsburgh DJ and producer Girl Talk remains a powerful proponent of mash-up culture. Backstage at Auckland City Limits, he reveals some of his party-starting secrets.

Girl Talk performing at Auckland City Limits

Girl Talk performing at Auckland City Limits Photo: Raymond Sagapolutele

Introducing: SPAWTS


SPAWTS Photo: Courtesy of SPAWTS

Brendan Smyth
NZ On Air’s Music Manager, Brendan Smyth, retired earlier this month, after 26 years in the job. To celebrate his career as NZ music’s biggest fanboy, Kirsten Johnstone visits him at home in Martinborough to hear tales of his earliest days as a public servant with an afro and a granny-smith green velvet suit, his mission to systematically infiltrate commercial radio with local music, and the eventual success of getting 20 per cent NZ music on the airwaves.

Brendan Smyth

Brendan Smyth Photo: Kirsten Johnstone