The Sampler Best of 2015: New Zealand Selection
In the final Sampler for 2015, Nick Bollinger revisits some of the year’s outstanding local albums, with selections including SJD, The Phoenix Foundation, Princess Chelsea and The Chills.

Sean Donnelly and Matilda the Cat

Sean Donnelly and Matilda the Cat Photo: RNZ / Emma Smith

Coxsone’s Music
Studio One founder and the original kingpin of Jamaican music, Clement ‘Coxsone’ Dodd, has had a profound effect on popular music over the past 50 years – from the birth of ska to reggae to dancehall. Emma Smith talks with Soul Jazz Records founder Stuart Baker about Coxsone's formative recordings, collected for the first time in the new Soul Jazz compilation, Coxsone’s Music.

Coxsone's Music

Coxsone's Music Photo: Soul Jazz Records

A$AP Rocky
Named for the great Rakim Allah of Eric. B & Rakim fame, Rakim Mayers aka A$AP Rocky sets the tone sonically and visually for his style-conscious Harlem collective, A$AP Mob. His uptown aesthetic sensibilities have just seen him nominated for a Best Music Video Grammy for the trippy visuals to his song ‘LSD’; that Grammy will be awarded just a week out from his latest NZ run in the New Year. Ahead of the ceremony, he tells us about his lysergically enhanced video treatment.

A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky Photo: Dexter Navy


M101 Best of 2015 Panel
It’s that time of the year when the Music 101 team gets together to map out their favourite new music releases. To assess the year that was, Emma Smith, Yadana Saw, Zac Arnold, Melody Thomas, Kirsten Johnstone, Trevor Reekie, Sam Wicks and Zen Yates-Fill regroup to swap notes and share their best-loved local and international cuts for 2015.

Gig Guide


Aotearoa Futurism Part Two: South Pacific Futurists
If Afrofuturism is where science fiction and technology meets popular culture of the African diaspora, could it be happening in Aotearoa too?  In part two of Aotearoa Futurism, Sophie Wilson and Dan Taipua put this question to Northland teen metal band, Alien Weaponry, MC turned game developer, Billy Herotech, multimedia artists Lisa Reihana and Coco Solid who are redefining the contemporary image of indigenous and the Pacific diaspora.

Image from Lisa Reihana’s In Pursuit of Venus (infected)

Image from Lisa Reihana’s In Pursuit of Venus (infected) Photo: Lisa Reihana

Anatomy of a Song Series 2: The Black Seeds’ ‘Cool Me Down’
Anatomy of a Song is a radio series produced by our friends at RDU in Christchurch, in which Spanky Moore and selected New Zealand musicians dissect the different elements of one of their tracks, getting to the bottom of what makes that song special. This week he looks at The Black Seeds’ ‘Cool Me Down’.

METZ - Eraser
METZ vocalist and guitarist Alex Edkins introduces their new song, inspired by the David Lynch classic, Eraserhead.

Music played in this show

Artist: Jakob
Song: Emergent
Composer: Jakob 
Album: Sines
Label: Shoot The Freak

The Sampler: Nick's Picks 2015, Local
Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Songs: Mountain, Celestial Bodies, Give Up Your Dreams
Composer: Phoenix Foundation
Album: Give Up Your Dreams
Label: Universal

Artist: SJD
Songs: Little Pieces, I Saw The Future, I Wanna Be Foolish
Composer: Donnelly
Album: Saint John Divine
Label: Round Trip Mars

Artist: Princess Chelsea
Songs: We Are Very Happy, Is It All OK?, We Were Meant 2 B
Composer: Nikkel
Album: The Great Cybernetic Depression
Label: Lil’ Chief

Artist: Don McGlashan
Songs: Lucky Stars, For Your Touch, Girl Make Your Own Mind Up
Composer: McGlashan
Album: Lucky Stars
Label: Independent

Artist: The Floral Clocks
Songs: Torn With Love, Florida Angels, Hello Miss Lonesome
Composer: White/Von Sturmer
Album: Desert Fire
Label: The Floral Clocks

Artist: The Chills
Songs: Underwater Wasteland, When The Poor Can Reach The Moon
Composer: Phillipps
Album: Silver Bullets
Label: Fire

Artist: Tiny Ruins & Hamish Kilgour
Songs: Little Did I Know, Turn Around
Composer: Fullbrook
Song: Tread Softly
Album: Hurtling Through
Label: Flying Nun/Spunk

Artist: Lontalius
Song: Kick in the Head
Composer: Johnston
Label: Partisan

Artist: The Naenae Express
Song: Overlander
Composer: The Naenae Express
Album: The Naenae Express
Label: The Naenae Express

Coxsone's Music 
Artist: Sound Dimension
Song: Real Rock
Composer: Dodd
Album: Real Rock
Label: Studio One

Artist: Don Drummond
Song: Roll On Sweet Don
Composer: Drummond
Album: Coxsone's Music
Label: Soul Jazz

Artist: Smiley Lewis
Song: Shame Shame Shame
Composer: Lewis
Album: Shame Shame Shame
Label: Imperial

Artist: Workshop Musicians
Song: Calypso Jazz
Composer: Traditional
Album: Coxsone's Music
Label: Soul Jazz

Artist: Roland Alphonso
Song: Counter Punch
Composer: Fuller/ Brown
Album: Coxsone's Music
Label: Soul Jazz

Artist: Fats Domino
Song: Blueberry Hill
Composer: Lewis/Stock/Rose
Album: Blueberry Hill
Label: Imperial

Artist: Don Drummond and the City Slickers
Song: That Man Is Back
Composer: Drummond
Album: Coxsone's Music
Label: Soul Jazz

Artist: Owen Grey
Song: Best Twist
Composer: Grey
Album: Coxsone's Music
Label: Soul Jazz

Artist: The Blues Busters
Song: You Had It All Wrong
Composer: Scorcher
Album: Coxsone's Music
Label: Soul Jazz

Artist: Derrick Harriot
Song: Answer Me
Composer: Harriot
Album: Coxsone's Music
Label: Soul Jazz


A$AP Rocky
Artist: A$AP Rocky
Song: L$D
Composer: R.Mayers, I.de Boni, M.Burman, H.Delgado, B.Gentry, M.Mule, J.Scheffer 
Album: At.Long.Last.A$AP
Label: A$AP Worldwide, RCA

Artist: A$AP Rocky feat. Schoolboy Q
Song: Electric Body
Composer: R.Mayers, Q.Hanley, B.Burton, D.Colquit, H.Delgado, E.Perez, T.Walton 
Album: At.Long.Last.A$AP
Label: A$AP Worldwide, RCA

Artist: A$AP Rocky
Song: Fashion Killa
Composer: R.Mayers, H.Delgado, J.Laurence, D.Reznick, T.Nash, C.Stewart 
Album: Long.Live.A$AP
Label: A$AP Worldwide, RCA

Artist: A$AP Rocky feat. Joe Fox and Kanye West
Song: Jukebox Joints
Composer: R.Mayers, K.West, C.Pope, J.Fox, D.Sulaksono, W.Moore, W.Robinson
Album: At.Long.Last.A$AP
Label: A$AP Worldwide, RCA



Faves of 2015
Artist: Marlon Williams
Song: Hello Miss Lonesome
Composer: Williams
Album: Marlon Williams
Label: Liberation

Artist: Nadia Reid
Song: Call the Days as They Were Known
Composer: Reid
Album: Listen To Formation, Look For The Signs
Label: SPUNK

Artist: Tame Impala
Song: Let It Happen
Composer: Parker
Album: Currents

Artist: Silicon
Songs: God Emoji
Composer: K.Nielson
Album: Personal Computer
Label: Weird World

Artist: Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Song: Multi-Love
Composer: R.Neilson
Album: Multi-Love

Artist: The Phoenix Foundation
Song: Celestial Bodies
Composer: The Phoenix Foundation
Album: Give Up Your Dreams
Label: Universal

Artist: She's So Rad
Songs: Cool It
Composer: She's So Rad
Album: Tango
Label: From the Crate Records

Artist: The Dance Asthmatics 
Song: Liquid Lunch 
Album: Liquid Lunch cassingle
Label: Melted Ice Cream

Artist: US Girls 
Song: Damn That Valley
Composer: M.Remy
Album: Half Free
Label: 4ad

Artist: Sufjan Stevens
Song: Fourth of July
Composer: S.Stevens
Album: Carrie And Lowell
Label: Asthmatic Kitty

Artist: Bassekou Kouyate and Ngoni Ba
Song: Waati
Composer: B.Kouyate 
Album: Ba Power 
Label: Glitterbeat

Artist: Twerps 
Song: I Don't Mind
Composer: Twerps 
Album: Range Anxiety
Label: Merge

Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Song: Alright
Composer: K.Duckworth, P.Williams, M.Spears 
Album: To Pimp a Butterfly
Label: Top Dawg, Aftermath, Interscope 

Artist: Electric Wire Hustle feat. Deva Mahal
Song: March
Composer: Mahal,Te Kahika, Wright
Album: Aeons EP
Label: Loop Recordings

Artist: Skepta 
Song: Shutdown
Composer: J.Adenuga
Album: Single
Label: Boy Better Know

Artist: Leisure
Song: Got It Bad
Composer: Leisure
Album: Single
Label: Private

Gig Guide
Artist: Jamie XX
Song: SeeSaw, Obvs, Just Saying
Composer: Smith
Album: In Colour
Label: Young Turks


Aotearoa Futurism Pt 2
Artist: Alien Weaponry
Song: Hipocrite, Never As It Seems
Composer: Alien Weaponry
Album: Zego Sessions EP
Label: private

Artist: Alien Weaponry
Song: Ruana te Whenua
Composer: Alien Weaponry
Album: Unreleased
Label: Private

Artist: Billy Fluid
Song: Piwakawaka, Lady of my Life, Chasing Moonlight
Composer: E. Hillman
Album: Unreleased
Label: Private

Artist: 4ourmulafourfour
Song: Breaking Sand Castles, Our Last Kiss, One Small Step
Composer: 4ourmulafourfour
Album: Unreleased
Label: Private

Artist: Optimus Gryme feat. Billy Fluid
Song: Emotions
Composer: C.Brown, E. Hillman
Album: Unreleased
Label: Private 

Artist: Lisa Reihana, James Pinker, Sean Cooper
Song: In Pursuit of Venus [Infected] 
Composer: J.Pinker, S.Cooper
Label: Private

Artist: Lisa Reihana, James Pinker
Song: Let There Be Light, Fantastic Egg
Composer: J.Pinker
Label: private

Artist: Lisa Reihana, Angus McNaughton
Song: Hypergirls + Native Portraits + Tauira
Composer: A.McNaughton
Label: Private

Artist: Patea Maori Club
Song: Aku Raukura
Composer: Patea Maori Club
Album: Aku Raukura
Label: Maui

Artist: Badd Energy
Song: Underwater Pyramids
Composer: Badd Energy
Album: Underwater Pyramids
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: Coco Solid
Song: Pacific Rims Mixtape
Composer: J.Hansell
Album: Pacific Rims Mixtape
Label: Private

Artist: Underground Resistance
Song: Transition (Cover for International Women’s Day 2015)
Composer: UR, DJ Violet, Amor, Nightwave, N.Whang, Mamacita, J.Hansell
Label: Private


Anatomy of a Song: The Black Seeds
Artist: The Black Seeds
Song: Cool Me Down
Composer: The Black Seeds
Album: Into The Dojo 
Label: Capitol

Interview: METZ
Artist: METZ
Song: Eraser
Composer: METZ
Album: Eraser
Label: Three One G

Artist: Doprah
Song: Lucid Visions
Composer: Doprah