Steve Albini
In New Zealand for shows with Shellac, we speak with Steve Albini, the group's opinionated, guitar-holstered frontman and recording engineer about Shellac's longevity, suspending taste in the studio, and how the internet has addressed many of this issues raised in his 1993 essay, 'The Problem With Music'.

Die! Die! Die! and What Did You Expect
Andrew Wilson and Michael Prain on going back to first principles on the new Die! Die! Die! EP, What Did You Expect.

Introducing: Master Blaster

Master Blaster

Master Blaster Photo: Courtesy of Proudly Amateur


Under his alias Totems and as a founding member of the KCB collective, Reuben Winter has spent the last three years making a name for himself as a leading voice in New Zealand’s EDM underground. Zac Arnold finds out what happened when the mainstream beckoned and how it affected Winter’s new LP Elixir.


Totems Photo: Dirk Peterson

Anatomy of a Song Series 2: Groeni 'Fray'
Anatomy of a Song is a radio series produced by our friends at RDU in Christchurch, in which Spanky Moore and selected New Zealand musicians dissect the different elements of one of their tracks, getting to the bottom of what makes that song special. This week he looks at Groeni's 'Fray'.

RDU 98.5FM's New Digs
Post-Christchurch earthquake, campus radio station RDU 98.5FM decamped to a mobile broadcasting unit housed in a horse truck. This year sees the station moving into their new off-campus premises. Yadana Saw takes a tour of the fancy new pad and stages an on-air takeover with fellow RDU alumnus, Melody Thomas.

Christchurch's RDU98.5FM new home

Christchurch's RDU98.5FM new home Photo: Yadana Saw

Gig Guide


The Beijing Experimental Underground
An exploration of experimental music scene in Beijing, from gigs in expressway underpasses to DIY synth builders, environmental field recordings to psych noise bands. Daniel Beban meets artists including Li Weisi, Vavabond, Soviet Pop, Deadly Cradle Death, Zhu Wenbo, Yan Jun and others who make up Beijing’s close-knit, underground community, where avant-garde art exists in a delicate balance with ancient philosophy, modern politics and new economics.

Beijing musician Li Jianhong

Beijing musician Li Jianhong playing underneath the Beijing Airport Expressway Photo: Daniel Beban

The Sampler: Junun by Shye Ben Tzur, Johnny Greenwood and The Rajasthan Express
Nick Bollinger embarks ona North Indian excursion with Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood and Israeli singer Shye Ben Tzur.

Ron Gallipoli
As the acerbic frontman of post-punk outfit Sharpie Crows and now under the alias of Ron Gallipoli, Sam Bradford has directed his misanthropic musings at targets as diverse as Fonterra and the New Zealand Herald. With the release of his new self-produced album, Agrokomplex, Bradford talks about his family ties that bind and their impact on his music.

Ron Gallipoli

Ron Gallipoli Photo: Sam Bradford

Music played in this show


Artist: Nirvana 
Song: Very Ape (Demo / Instrumental)
Composer: K.Cobain
Album: In Utero - 20th Anniversary - Deluxe Edition 
Label: Geffen

Interview: Steve Albini
Artist: Shellac
Song: My Black Ass
Composer: Shellac
Album: At Action Park
Label: Touch and Go

Artist: Shellac
Song: The People's Microphone
Composer: Shellac
Album: Dude Incredible
Label: Touch and Go

Artist: Pixies
Song: Bone Machine
Composer: Francis
Album: Surfer Rosa
Label: 4AD

Artist: HDU
Song: Visionson
Composer: HDU
Album: Fireworks
Label: Flying Nun

Artist: McLusky
Song: To Hell With Good Intentions
Composer: McLusky
Album: McLusky Do Dallas
Label: Too Pure

Artist: HDU 
Song: Joyd
Composer: HDU
Album: Fireworks 
Label: Flying Nun

Interview- Die! Die! Die!
Artist: Die! Die! Die!
Song: I Love Space Travel, Listen To The Radio, What Did You Expect, Dark Arrow
Composer: Die! Die! Die!
Album: What Did You Expect 

Artist: Die! Die! Die!
Song: Whitehorses
Composer: Die! Die! Die!
Album: Promises Promises
Label: Tardus

Artist: Miss June
Song: Average Joe
Composer: Miss June
Album: Matriarchy EP
Label: Independent

Artist: Sleater Kinney
Song: Price Tag
Composer: Sleater Kinney
Album: No Cities To Love
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: The Beatles
Song: In My Life
Composer: Lennon, McCartney
Album: Rubber Soul
Label: Parlophone

Introducing: Master Blaster
Artist: Master Blaster
Song: Breaking Asimov's Laws 
Composer: Master Blaster
Album: Demo
Label: Master Blaster

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Song: Interstate Love Song
Composer: De Leo, Weiland
Album: Purple
Label: Atlantic


Artist: M.I.A.
Song: Borders
Composer: Maya Arulpragasam
Album: ?

Totems Interview

Artist: Totems
Song: Murk, Echolocate, Blank Angel
Composer: R. Winter
Album: Elixir
Label: Cosmic Compositions

Artist: Disasteradio
Song: Charisma
Composer: Disasteradio
Album: Charisma 
Label: Disasteradio

Artist: Totems
Song: The Castellan, Codex
Composer: R. Winter
Album: Elixir
Label: Cosmic Compositions


Artist: Oneohtrix Point Never
Song: Ezra
Composer: Daniel Lopatin
Album: Garden Of Delete
Label: Warp Records

Artist: Groeni
Song: Fray
Composer: Groeni
Album: Hewn EP
Label: Project Moon Circle


Artist: Ta-ku
Song: Sunrise/Beatuiful feat. Jordan Rakei
Composer: R. Matthews
Album: Songs To Make Up To
Label: Future Classic

Artist: Unmap
Song: Luv Songs
Composer: Unmap
Album: Frizeta EP
Label: Self-released

Artist: Erykah Badu
Song: Mr. Telephone Man
Composer: Badu
Album: But You Caint Use My Phone
Label: Universal

Artist: The Fiery Furnaces
Song: Here Comes The Summer
Composer: Friedberger
Album: The Fiery Furnaces EP
Label: Rough Trade

Artist: Aaron Neville
Song: Hercules
Composer: Toussaint
Album: The Neville Brothers: Gold
Label: HIPO



Artist: Orchestra of Spheres
Song: Bliss Rag
Composer: Orchestra of Spheres
Album: Unreleased
Label: RNZ Recording

The Beijing Underground
Artist: Wang Ziheng
Composer: W.Ziheng
Track: Underpass Improvisation
Album: Unreleased
Label: Private

Artist: Ake, Daniel Beban, Erica Sklenars
Composer: Z.Yueyuan, D.Beban, E.Sklenars
Track: Underpass Improvisation
Album: Unreleased
Label: Private

Artist: Yan Jun and Wong Chung-Fai
Composer: Y.Jun, W.Chung-Fai
Track: 1
Album: M
Label: Re Records

Artist: Yan Jun 
Composer: Y.Jun
Track: Fan
Album: 15 Minutes in Life
Label: Little Sound Records 

Artist: Yan Jun 
Composer: Y.Jun
Track: Yesterday
Album: Yesterday
Label: Kwanyin

Artist: Li Jianhong 
Composer: L.Jianhong 
Track: Wind Blows in the Sunset
Album: Empty Mountain
Label: CFI Records

Artist: Mind Fiber
Compser: L.Jianhong, W.Wei
Track: AM 1
Album: Hello Balcony
Label: CFI Records

Artist: Vavabond
Composer: W.Wei
Track: Accelerate
Album: Hologram of Sea
Label: CFI Records

Artist: Xiao Hong and Xiao Xiao Hong
Composer: X.Hong, X.Hong
Track: Talking History
Album: Black Sheep
Label: G.B.J.D Records

Artist: Ake
Composer: Ake
Track: Improvisation 1
Album: Unreleased
Label: Private

Artist: Meng Qi
Composer: M.Qi
Track: Sequencer
Album: Synth
Label: Meng Qi Music

Artist: Meng Qi
Composer: M.Qi
Track: Sequencer
Album: Chinese Palace
Label: Meng Qi Music

Artist: Soviet Pop
Composer: L.Qing, L.Weisi
Track: Sound of Silent Radio
Album: Suweiai Bopu
Label: Goaty Tapes

Artist: Soviet Pop
Composer: L.Qing, L.Weisi
Track: Side A
Album: Dialogue
Label: Soviet Pop

Artist: The Tea Rockers Quintet
Composer: L.Gu, W.Na, X.He, L.Daiguo, Y.Jun 
Track: #4
Album: Ceremony
Label: Ent-T

Artist: Vavabond
Composer: W.Wei
Track: Split
Album: Hologram of Sea
Label: CFI Records

Interview: Ron Gallipoli
Artist: Ron Gallipoli
Song: Mor Lam above Joy Bong, Work is an Amethyst, 
The NZ Herald is a Bad Fucking Joke, The Night She Gorged On Diamonds, Stranglewerk, 
Death pts. 1 & 2, 
Ask a Teenager, Like Dried Peach Halves
Composer: S.Bradford
Album: Agrokomplex
Label: Freezing Works Music