Danny Goldberg – Bumping into Geniuses
Music industry impresario Danny Goldberg has penned a new book, Bumping into Geniuses, in which he details a career handling the PR for KISS and Led Zeppelin, running Warner Bros. Records, Atlantic Records and Mercury Records, launching the solo career of Stevie Nicks, as well as managing Nirvana and Bonnie Raitt. Trevor Reekie talks to the industry vet about the changes he's encountered traversing today’s ever-changing music business.

Robert Plant and Danny Goldberg

Robert Plant and Danny Goldberg Photo: Courtesy of Danny Goldberg

For the last 14 years Independent Music New Zealand (IMNZ) has defended and advocated for the rights of  New Zealand's independent musicians. Following their AGM, Business Development Manager Dylan Pellet introduces the fresh faces on IMNZ's board and lay out how they will support New Zealand's independent musicians over the next 12 months.

Dylan Pellett

IMNZ's Dylan Pellett Photo: Courtesy of IMNZ

LA electronic pioneer Daedelus – otherwise known as Alfred Darlington – is famed for his inventive approached to beat building and the eclectic sonic source material he draws into his sample-based productions. In the country this week, Daedelus drops into the Music 101 studio to talk us through a handpicked selection of cuts we prepared earlier.


Daedelus Photo: Courtesy of Daedelus


Place Stories (Matariki) in Papakura
We take a walk around Papakura with Maggie Buxton, curator of Place Stories (Matariki), an app that triggers site specific soundworks from local artists.

Sonorous Circle
Wellington-based independent label Sonorous Circle bills itself as an "outlet for adventurous music, art and emancipatory general awareness", and has released a string of acclaimed dreamy records from the likes of Seth Frightening, Glass Vaults and Womb. Samuel Scott speaks to Sonorous Circle artist and founder Thomas Lambert about his label's adventurous aims.

Charlotte Forrester aka Womb

Charlotte Forrester aka Womb Photo: Thomas Lambert

Introducing: Ashes Holland

Ashes Holland.

Ashes Holland. Photo: Supplied

Gig Guide


Skuldom's Faeces Christ and his onstage injuries

Skuldom's Faeces Christ and his onstage injuries Photo: Heath Mortlock

The Secret Life of Band Injuries
Musicians are seldom compared to high-performance athletes. Yet the physical demands of practicing and playing music push performers’ bodies to the extreme. In The Secret Life of Music Injuries, Yadana Saw meets people who have injured themselves in the pursuit of perfect sound and the professionals who help get them back onstage.

The Sampler: Leon Bridges – Coming Home
Jim Pinckney reviews the nostalgic R&B of Texan, Lee Bridges.

Leon Bridges

Leon Bridges Photo: Erin Rambo

Music played in this show


Artist: Peaches
Song: Downtown (SMD RMX)
Composer: Peaches
Album: Downtown
Label: XL

Danny Goldberg Interview
Artist: Led Zeppelin
Song: The Immigrant Song (Alternate Mix)
Composer: Page, Plant
Album: Led Zeppelin III (Deluxe Edition)
Label: Atlantic Records

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Song: Stairway To Heaven
Composer: Page, Plant
Album: Led Zeppelin Remasters 
Label: Atlantic Records

Artist: Stevie Nicks (featuring Tom Petty)
Song: Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
Composer: Petty, Campbell
Album: Belladonna
Label: Modern Records, Atlantic 

Artist: Nirvana
Song: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Composer: Cobain
Album: Nirvana
Label: Geffen Records

Artist: Nirvana
Song: Heart-Shaped Box
Composer: Cobain
Album: Nirvana
Label: Geffen Records

Artist: Stone Temple Pilots
Song: Plush
Composer: Stone Temple Pilots
Album: Core
Label: Atlantic

Artist: OMC
Song: How Bizarre 
Composer: Fuemana, Jansson
Album: How Bizarre
Label: Huh, Polygram

Artist: Steve Earle
Song: Way Down in the Hole
Composer: T.Waits
Album: Washington Square Serenade
Label: New West Records

Natural Selection: Daedelus 
Artist: Daedelus
Song: A Stiff Drink
Composer: Darlington
Album: Meanwhile
Label: Laboritory Instinct

Artist: Madvillain
Song: Accordion
Composer: Dumile/ Jackson Jr/ Darlington 
Label: Stones Throw

Artist: Daedelus
Composer: Darlington
Album: Invention
Label: Plug

Artist: Nancy Sinatra and John Barry
Song:You Only Live Twice
Composer: Horner
Album: You Only Live Twice
Label: United Artists

Artist: Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66
Song: Chove Chuva
Composer: Mendes
Album: Chove Chuva
Label: A & M 

Artist: Prefuse 73
Song:Busy Signal (Make You Go Bombing)
Composer: Darlington/ Herren
Album: One Word Extinguisher
Label: Warp

Artist: Daedelus
Song: Baba Yaga
Composer: Darlington
Album: The Light Brigade
Label: Brainfeeder 

Song: Burning Sugar
Composer: Nielson
Album: Personal Computer


Sonorous Circle Interview 
Artist: I.Ryoko
Song: Disturbing The Quiet
Composer: Thomas Lambert
Album: Rarities (2007-2011)
Label: Sonorous Circle

Artist: Seth Frightening
Song: Can We Eat It (Truth!) So We Know What To Say (Visions!)
Composer: Sean Kelly
Album: The Prince and His Madness
Label: Sonorous Circle

Artist: Glass Vaults
Song: New Space
Composer: Richard Larson, Rowan Pierce
Album: Glass EP
Label: Sonorous Circle

Artist: Womb
Song: Lioness
Composer: Charlotte Brown
Album: Womb
Label: Sonorous Circle

Artist: Paper Ghost
Song: The Maryland Goatman
Composer: Zach Weber
Album: Signal Fingers
Label: Sonorous Circle

Artist: Paper Ghost
Song: The Once Great City Now Cannibalising its Smaller Buildings
Composer: Zach Weber
Album: Signal Fingers
Label: Sonorous Circle

Artist: Glass Vaults
Song: Sacred Heart
Composer: Glass Vaults
Album: Sojourn


Happy Birthday Introducing
Artist: The Body Lyre
Song: Blood
Composer: The Body Lyre
Album: Blood/Work
Label: Self-released (Bandcamp)

Artist: Markdown
Song: Remove Your Card
Composer: Markdown
Album: Boneman EP
Label: Markdown

Artist: Spycc
Song: Slow Down
Composer: D.Latu
Album: Single
Label: Self-released

Artist: Imugi 
Song: Dizzy 
Composer: Imugi
Album: Single
Label: Imugi

Artist: Fantails
Song: Rororuaki 
Composer: Fantails
Album: Shake Your Tail Feather
Label: Fantails

Artist: Eli Driftwood
Song: Salvadore
Composer: Eli Driftwood
Album: Salvadore
Label: Self Release

Artist: Sheep, Dog & Wolf
Song: Guaranteed Defective
Composer: D.McBride
Album: Egospect
Label: Lil' Chief

Artist: Melting Pot Massacre
Song: Migrant and Refuge Solidarity Song
Composer: Melting Pot Massacre
Album: Diaspora
Label: Melting Pot Massacre

Artist: Instant Fantasy
Song: I Don't See An Honest Man
Composer: Gemma Syme
Album: The Wet EP
Label: CMR

Artist: L*V*J
Song: HMU
Composer: L*V*J, Slopey
Album: Single
Label: Self Released

Introducing: Ashes Holland
Artist: Ashes Holland
Song: Existential Crisis
Composer: L. Taylor
Album: Existential Crisis single
Label: Self-released (Bandcamp)

Artist: Tom Waits
Song: Green Grass
Composer: Waits
Album: Real Gone
Label: ANTI


The Secret Life of Musical Injuries
Artist:Michael Houstoun
Song:Piano Concerto No.1 and 2
Composer: Dmitry Shostakovich
Album:Shoshtakovich: Piano Concerto No.1 and 2

Artist:Fat Freddys Drop
Composer: Fat Freddys Drop 
Album:Based On A True Story
Label:Fat Freddys Drop

Artist:Fat Freddys Drop
Song: The Nod
Composer: Fat Freddys Drop
Album:Dr Boondigga and The Big BW
Label:Fat Freddys Drop

Artist:Duke Ellington
Song:Do Nothin’ Till You Hear From Me
Composer: Ellington, Russell
Album: The Essential Duke Ellington

Song:Orgiastic Blasphemy
Composer: Skuldom
Album: Nativity in Brown

Artist: Bulletbelt
Song: Murderer's Collar
Composer: Bulletbelt 
Album: Rise of the Banshee
Label:Headless Horsemen

Artist: Low
Song: No Comprende
Composer: Low
Album: Ones and Sixes
Label: Sub Pop

Artist: Nicolas Jaar 
Song: Spirit 
Composer: N.Jaar 
Album: Pomegranates
Label: Other People

Artist: James Horner
Song: Following Kirwill 
Composer: J Horner
Album: Gorky Park OST
Label: Condor

The Sampler: Leon Bridges
Artist: Leon Bridges
Song: Pull Away, Smooth Sailin’, Better Man, Lisa Sawyer, Brown Skin Girl, Flowers, River,
Composer: Austin Michael Jenkins, Joshua Block, Chris Vivion, Todd Bridges 
Album: Coming Home
Label: Columbia

Artist: Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band
Song: Me Ho Asem
Composer: Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band
Album: Pat Thomas and Kwashibu Area Band
Label: Strut

Artist: Eyeliner
Song: Pinot Noir
Composer: Rowell
Album: Buy Now
Label: Beer on the Rug