Saturday 23 October

2-3 pm

Meet Michael Chugg - one of the big names in the Australasian live music scene. Listen here

We catch up with drum n bass grinder Concord Dawn to talk about The Enemy Within - Matt Harvey's first album as a solo artist. Listen here.

Nick Bollinger reviews a set of tunes written by the late Jimi Hendrix, rearranged for string quartet. Listen here

3-4 pm

In 1910, West Coast gold miners started a band - and it's still going. We visit The Kokatahi Band as they celebrate 100 years of accordions clacking, snare drums skittering, banjos plucking, and feet tapping. Listen here.

Soft voiced Southern dream-folkster John White plays a session for us. Listen here.

A selection of gigs, shows and musical happenings around the land.

4-5 pm

The White Stripes in New Zealand

White Stripes It's the 10th anniversary of the rock sensation's first tour to the Pacific - in fact it was just about the first time The White Stripes played outside their hometown of Detroit - and well before they made it big in the United Kingdom.
It was a significant event for New Zealand music too, which saw several local acts and agents introduced to the international stage.

Nick Bollinger talks to Jack White, The Datsuns, promoters and punters influenced by six small gigs held across New Zealand in October 2000. Listen (and see photos) here

We remember Ari-Up, out-spoken lead singer of The Slits, who died this week;

Bromancing duo Surf Friends talk about the glamour of touring beyond Auckland's North Shore. Listen here