Saturday 10 October

2-3 pm

She's A Mod... Great music is timeless, and here's a song that remains the same, regardless of which generation of rock'n'rollers revisit the tune first made famous by Ray Columbus and the Invaders in 1965.

Dimmer play a live session for Music 101.

Access All Areas: To Share or Not to Share - That is the Question.

The hot topic over the last few weeks in the UK music scene has been how to deal with illegal file-sharers.

In a somewhat surprising move Pop star Lilly Allen grabbed headlines by declaring war on illegal file-sharing, as a crucial deadline looms for government plans to crack down on the decade-long issue.

Trevor Reekie talks about the current state of the UK industry with ex pat Andrew Dubber, a senior lecturer in Music at the University of Birmingham and the author of an E-book - The 20 Things You Must Know About Music Online.

3-4 pm

Auckland-based singer-songwriter Miriam Clancy's second album 'Magnetic' features swirling strings, rousing choruses and delicate melodies - she'll play some for us in the studio too.

We talk to eclectic trans-Atlantic band Gomez ahead of their NZ dates next week.

And Dave Mustaine from Megadeth shares... bless.

4-5 pm

The Secret Life of Saxophonists:

From the synth-sax of Lewis McCallum to the rootsy soul of tenor man Chris Nielson, Nick Atkinson explores 'The Secret Life of Saxophonists'. Their natural habitat is a dark home studio packed with horns and synths. They frequent noisy nightclubs and often retreat into stylistic corners as they grapple with complex and vexing musical problems. Join Nick as he hits the road to follow four of the countries finest horn players.