June 14 2008

In Access All Areas we meet Gareth Shute, who's just published a history of NZ Rock over the past 20 years - picking up where the standard text 'Stranded In Paradise' left off. It's a revealing insight into the work - and just plain luck - that local bands negotiate to pursue their musical passion

The Nomad has spent nearly two decades as DJ and producer - he tells of dodgy gang-run nightclubs and how the music industry is all about money now...

We speak to Karate instructor and singer Anna Coddington.

Nick Bollinger reviews a new album by 70's soul smoothie Al Green, and the debut from a New Jersey woman, named Nicole Atkins, who's the latest to be compared to Dusty Springfield.

The Secret Life of Live Sound Engineers

KJ DeskIf you've ever been at a gig and wondered what the person behind the knobs and faders actually does, listen up: The job of a sound engineer can be a taxing one, involving long and late hours, difficult musicians, faulty equipment, drunken punters - not to mention the risk of hearing loss. These are the people responsible for making the right noises come out of the right places, and ensuring good gig-going experiences for both the performers and the audience. Kirsten Johnstone goes undercover to find out what makes this strange breed tick.