9 May 2024

Morning Report Essentials for Thursday 9 May

From Morning Report, 10:00 am on 9 May 2024

On today's episode, a school lunch provider in the Coromandel discusses changes to the Government's school lunch scheme, the cost of paying doctors overtime is skyrocketing, and costing taxpayers more than $70 million annually, Phil Pennington discusses the costs, a raffle promising a top prize of a $2 million house and a Tesla is causing some people to question whether it's real, Katie Fitzgerald gives us an insight, the Free Speech Union has set up a support group for academics, chairperson of the group Dr Paul Moon joins us, a male stoat has been spotted on the Miramar peninsula for the first time since the pest was eliminated from the area late last year, Predator Free Miramar head Dan Henry tells us how the stoat got there, and Nathan Rarere gives us an update on the world of sports.