5 Apr 2024

Defence Minister met with US military contractor to talk about AUKUS Pillar Two

From Morning Report, 7:26 am on 5 April 2024

The Defence Minister has met with a major American military contractor to talk about the controversial - and critics say 'anti-China' - security pact AUKUS Pillar Two.

Officials told Judith Collins that Honeywell, which holds billions in US defence contracts, wants to invest to grow in the region.

Collins' ministerial diary notes the meeting with the veteran member of the US military-industry establishment, but only an OIA document mentions Pillar 2.

It is a pact designed to accelerate sharing of advanced military technology by US allies.

A spokesperson says she simply told Honeywell New Zealand is looking at possible opportunities Collins declined to come on Morning Report.

Phil Pennington spoke to Ingrid Hipkiss.