5 Feb 2024

NZ may already be involved in strikes against Houthi says journalist

From Morning Report, 7:35 am on 5 February 2024

A journalist with experience of war zones says New Zealand may already be actively involved in US and UK-led strikes in Houthi-controlled parts of Yemen.

The US Secretary of Defence confirmed in a statement on Sunday that "coalition" strikes took place on thirteen 13 sites in response to interference with shipping in the Red Sea.

It said these strikes were done "with the support of" other nations, including New Zealand.

New Zealand's Defence Force declined to provide any details.

In a statement, Minister of Defence Judith Collins said: "The US and UK have carried out these strikes. New Zealand is part of the coalition that supports this action."

She declined our invitation to come on the programme.

Journalist Jon Stephenson spoke to Ingrid Hipkiss.