16 Jan 2024

Fiji law enforcement struggle to keep up with drug trade

From Morning Report, 7:21 am on 16 January 2024

Yesterday's three and a half tonne methamphetamine seizure was one of the biggest Fiji has ever seen, local police say.

Almost 800 containers filled with the drug were found in an under-construction home in Nadi.

Fiji meth bust. 14 January 2024

Fiji meth bust. Photo: Fiji Police

Police have provided no figure on the dollar amount of the seizure, but New Zealand trends suggest a street value in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

An investigation is now underway into allegations that individuals involved in customs and the country's pharmaceutical industry may be connected to the bust.

Last year, the Fijian government conceded it was losing the fight against the sale and consumption of illicit drugs.

Strategika Group advises law enforcement agencies in the Pacific. It's managing director, and Massey University researcher, Jose Sousa-Santos, spoke to Ben Strang.