15 Jan 2024

Taiwan elects pro-democracy president

From Morning Report, 7:51 am on 15 January 2024

Taiwanese voters have chosen William Lai as their president in an historic election.

The Democratic Progressive Party has governed Taiwan for eight years and secured and unprecedented third term.

William Lai (Lai Ching-Te), the candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party, celebrates his election as president of the Republic of Taiwan on stage at their party headquarters with his running mate Hsiao Bi-Khim. Photograph by Jimmy Beunardeau / Hans Lucas

Photo: Jimmy Beunardeau / Hans Lucas via AFP

Speaking to the media, President Lai said the result was a victory for democracy.

This follows accusations China had attempted to interfere with Taiwan's election.

Ben Strang spoke to our correspondent in Taiwan, Patrick Fok, about the significance of this election.