15 Dec 2023

EU leaders set to meet and discuss Ukraine funding

From Morning Report, 7:16 am on 15 December 2023

European Union leaders are meeting in Brussels at a summit dominated by divisions over support for Ukraine. Almost all of the EU leaders say Ukraine is close to meeting the seven requirements to join the Union, but Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban is not so sure. Also speaking upon arival at the summit was the EU's top diplomat, Josep Borell, who said that supporting Ukraine against Russian aggression would be crucial to Europe's own stability As the summit got underway, Russia's President Vladimir Putin was making his annual news address for the first time since he ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Putin maintained Moscow's approach in Ukraine, saying that their goals have not changed since the war began in February 2022. Europe Correspondent Seamus Kearny spoke to Ingrid Hipkiss.