14 Dec 2023

Gaza facing 'public health disaster' - UN

From Morning Report, 7:34 am on 14 December 2023

The UN humanitarian office has reiterated that Gaza is facing a "public health disaster" after the collapse of its health system. The health ministry in Gaza has said its supply of vaccines for children has run out, and has called on international organisations to deliver more vaccines urgently. Eighty-five per cent of the population of Gaza has been displaced by the war with Israel, and people are living in overcrowded, unsanitary shelters. Heavy rain overnight in the region has only caused further anguish for Palestinians in Gaza, as shelters balloon to overcapacity, many are in makeshift shelters or sleeping rough. Israel is continuing to come under pressure from key allies, with US President Joe Biden criticising Israel's 'indiscriminate bombing' in Gaza. Yesterday, Biden said that defeating Hamas should not come at the cost of innocent civilians. Despite these comments from Biden, he reiterated that Israel could count on the support of the United States. Philip Crowther from AP spoke to Ingrid Hipkiss.