5 Dec 2023

Advocates claim fossil fuel lobbyists are influencing Cop28

From Morning Report, 7:40 am on 5 December 2023

Pacific advocates say it feels like climate talks are rigged against vulnerable, low-lying countries, with fossil fuel lobbyists in the room influencing negotiations.

COP28 is underway in petro-state Dubai, and president of the Cop28 climate summit, Sultan Al Jaber, is strongly defending his commitment to climate science.

It comes after The Guardian reported him saying there is "no science" indicating that a phase-out of fossil fuels is needed to restrict global heating to 1.5 degrees Celsius - and such a phase-out would take the world back into caves.

As well as running Cop28 in Dubai, Al Jaber is also the chief executive of the United Arab Emirates' state oil company, Adnoc.

Pacific Climate Warriors' spokesperson Drue Slatter spoke to Corin Dann.