3 Nov 2023

A.I safety commitment signed by 29 countries, NZ not present at summit

From Morning Report, 6:21 am on 3 November 2023

A world-first commitment to safe and responsible Artificial Intelligence development has been signed by 29 countries including the UK, US, China and Australia, as well as the EU.

New Zealand has not signed the Bletchley Declaration as it wasn't represented at the A.I. Safety Summit in London this week.

It affirms that, for the good of all, A.I. should be designed, developed, deployed, and used, in a manner that is safe, human-centric, trustworthy and responsible.

But Canterbury University's Senior Lecturer in Data Science, Giulio Dalla Riva says it's a good start.

Dalla Riva spoke to Ingrid Hipkiss.