24 Oct 2023

Inquest into murder of 51 Muslims killed during Christchurch attack begins

From Morning Report, 8:10 am on 24 October 2023

The inquest into the murder of 51 Muslims killed during the March 15th terror attack by an Australian terrorist begins on Tuesday.

The 51 men, women and children were murdered at Masjid An Nur and the Linwood Islamic Centre when the 28-year-old Australian, carrying a variety of high-powered firearms, entered their grounds and started shooting shortly after Friday prayers began on 15 March 2019.

The terrorist was sentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole in August 2020 for the 51 murders, and 40 attempted murders.

Hundreds of family members are taking time off work to attend the six-week hearing.

It is just the first phase of the country's largest Coronial Inquiry which will have ramifications far beyond New Zealand.

Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand Abdur Razzaq spoke to Corin Dann.