18 Oct 2023

Situation in Gaza 'disastrous' says UN Refugee communications director

From Morning Report, 6:15 am on 18 October 2023

Three thousand Palestinians have been killed and at least 600,000 people have fled the northern Gaza Strip heading south after Israeli military warnings.

Despite the exodus south Israeli air forces are striking Southern Gaza saying they are targeting Hamas positions.

Israel has blocked supplies of food, water, fuel, and electricity since the deadly Hamas attacks on 7 October.

A spokesman for the Gaza ministry of health says in another update that because of power cuts and a scarcity of fuel, hospitals in the territory have "entered a stage of virtual collapse".

Israeli troops are still stationed around Gaza's border ahead of a planned ground invasion.

US President Joe Biden will visit Israel on Wednesday to hear about its plans for a ground attack in Gaza.

Juliette Touma is the communications director at the United Nations Refugee and Works Agency for Gaza.

Touma spoke to Corin Dann.