13 Oct 2023

Supplies running low in Gaza say Red Cross

From Morning Report, 6:13 am on 13 October 2023

The International Committee of the Red Cross says with the supplies available in the Gaza Strip, it will not be able to support the civilian population for very long.

Two-point-two million people, half of them children, are under siege in Gaza as Israel takes revenge for a rampage through its southern towns by the militant group Hamas, which left 1,300 Israelis dead.

The death toll on the Palestinian side is now reported to exceed that.

Among the dead are at least sixteen humanitarian workers from the UN and Red Cross.

Humanitarian agencies are calling on Israel to allow supplies of food, fuel, water and medicine into the strip, as a matter of urgency.

But Israel says there will be no exceptions to the siege until the scores of hostages taken by Hamas are freed.

United Nations Refugee and Works Agency for Gaza director of communications Juliette Touma spoke to Corin Dann.