31 Aug 2023

Union believes National's fiscal plan will hurt the most vulnerable

From Morning Report, 7:47 am on 31 August 2023

The union representing public servants believes National's fiscal plan will hurt the country's most vulnerable by cutting the services they rely on.

It includes $9 billion of tax bracket adjustments, as well as boosts to Working for Families, the Independent Earner Tax Credit, and the previously announced FamilyBoost.

To balance the books, National would scrap the 20-hours' free early childhood education for two-year-olds, cut public transport subsidies, and divert $2.3 billion from the Climate Emergency Response Fund into general coffers.

National plans to save just under $600 million a year through spending cuts on "back office" functions in the public service, and another $400 million from contractors or consultants.

The Public Service Association's national secretary Duane Leo spoke to Corin Dann.