12 Dec 2022

Watercare looking to take more from Waikato River, change drought levels due to PFAS

From Morning Report, 7:45 am on 12 December 2022

Watercare in Auckland is looking to bring forward its plans to take more water out of the Waikato River and change its drought trigger levels, as a result of contamination by 'forever' chemicals in its systems.

PFAS chemicals, found products such as in teflon and firefighting foam, are dubbed 'forever chemicals' for how they persist in nature and can build up in the body.

The chemicals forced a shutdown at the Onehunga plant.

They have been causing headaches for water supply authorities in many countries, including here, where the forced Manawatu to install a new 12-million dollar water system at Ohakea this year

Reporter Phil Pennington spoke to Corin Dann.