21 Oct 2022

19-month-old cheeseburger & fries sells for $475

From Morning Report, 8:40 am on 21 October 2022

The new owner of 'Framed Cheeseburger & Fries' is "stoked" to add a 19-month-old McDonald's combo to his budding art collection.

Marcus Herron – who bid $475 for the artwork on TradeMe – says his purchase was half joke and half investment.

A gold frame with a burger and fries inside.

'Framed Cheeseburger & Fries' by Luke Dell Photo: TradeMe/Luke Dell

"Half is it's a good talking point on the wall, taking the piss a bit. The other half is… it's probably gonna be a good investment in ten years' time - to see how long this thing will actually last." he tells Corin Dann.

Herron, who bought a house at the beginning of this year, has an eye out for unusual art pieces that will age well.

"I do know the secondary art market is punting at the moment…. So hopefully it carries on for another ten years. Fingers are crossed."

'Framed Cheeseburger & Fries' is the work of Nelson artist Luke Dell, who is offloading some pieces before a move to Golden Bay.

"I don't know how well cheeseburgers get received over there so we're going to let go of it," he tells Corin Dann.

Luke's initial inspiration for a framed fast-food artwork was a chip with sauce his daughter left on the dashboard of his truck.

After seven months, the chip remained unchanged, which got him thinking...

"I thought 'I wonder what would happen if I framed a cheeseburger and chips?"

A month after Luke framed the cheeseburger, it got a little mould on it – he thinks maybe in a place where he touched it – but 19 months on, it still looks edible.

"It might be like a fine cheese or a whiskey. It might even get better with age."