23 Sep 2022

Events on to mark passing of Queen Elizabeth II

From Morning Report, 7:45 am on 23 September 2022

Many events are being held on Monday to mark the life and passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Included in the one-off public holiday is a national minute of silence at two in the afternoon.

Cafes, bars and retailers can open, but staff will need to be paid according to the rules for working on a public holiday.

Anyone who wants to raise a glass in honour of the Queen's 70 year reign can still do so as there won't be any restrictions on the sale of alcohol.

Speaking of which the late Queen apparently enjoyed a small gin and sweet wine from time to time. It sounds as if the long weekend has already started for that last person.

In Wellington on Monday the state memorial service will be held in the Cathedral of St Paul.

The Governor-General, Dame Cindy Kiro will deliver the address and the prime minister will give a reading.

People can also watch the service outside parliament on big screens. Meanwhile other towns and cities are holding events to acknowledge the queen - including Timaru.

The region's mayor Nigel Bowen spoke to Guyon Espiner.