17 Aug 2022

Political analysis: Labour Party caucus suspends Sharma

From Morning Report, 7:09 am on 17 August 2022

The Labour Party caucus has unanimously voted to suspend Hamilton West MP Gaurav Sharma after he went rogue over the past week, with several allegations of bullying tabled against fellow MPs and Parliamentary Services.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern said there was grounds to expel Dr Sharma from the party, but members hope he can be integrated back into the caucus in time.

However, Ardern says Dr Sharma isn't answering her calls, text messages or emails, and any further allegations could see the caucus convene again sooner rather than later, and oust him from the party entirely.

Sharma and Ardern both failed to respond to requests for an interview with Morning Report.

RNZ political editor Jane Patterson spoke to Susie Ferguson.