6 May 2022

Battle intensifes at Mariupol steel plant

From Morning Report, 7:17 am on 6 May 2022

Ukraine says Russian forces have launched an all-out assault on the steelworks in Mariupol to try to eliminate those defending the plant.

Another group of evacuees have arrived in Zaporizhzhia - taking the total of those who've managed to get out of the city to around 344.

But that mission didn't contain any civilians from the Azovstal steel plant - where 200 are still believed to be sheltering inside.

Officials say Russian troops have infiltrated the tunnels under the site, and have accused Russia of going back on promises to let civilians out.

The Kremlin however denies it is storming the plant and has pledged a three-day ceasefire to open a humanitarian corridor out of the complex.

Corin Dann spoke to BBC correspondent Joe Inwood.