2 Mar 2022

Christopher Luxon wants Russian ambassador expelled

From Morning Report, 7:50 am on 2 March 2022

The National Party leader says the time for diplomacy is well and truly over and the Russian ambassador should be expelled.

Christopher Luxon says New Zealand should also withdraw its own diplomat in Russia. 

He says he wants to work with the Government on legislation to enable more sanctions against Russia.

"Because we're unlike our partners who have discrete bits of legislation that enable them to levy their own sanctions individually, we can't do that. So the UN resolution goes up to the Security Council, of course, Russia's a permanent member and vetoes it.

"So there's a real paradox in that. We think our response would be strengthened by having an autonomous sanctions bill where we can join our traditional partners in punitive action."

Christopher Luxon says he wants to see humanitarian visas for relatives of the 15-hundred Ukrainians in New Zealand.

Support for police action in Wellington

Luxon said police have been patient with protesters at Parliament and had had done a good job.

He says it's a police operational matter but it's time for the protest to end.