17 Feb 2022

Covid-19: Man in MIQ goes on hunger strike

From Morning Report, 6:13 am on 17 February 2022

A man in MIQ has gone on hunger strike, because of what he believes are over-zealous regulations.

Andre Huguet said he's upset with the treatment he's had from staff, and the restrictions he's encountered - at the Naumi Hotel in Auckland.

He says officials won't let him smoke until his first test result comes back - although nicotine replacement therapy is available.

MIQ also limits returnees to a "reasonable amount" of liquor delivered each day - the equivalent of one bottle of wine.

He began refusing any food or water upon his arrival from Sri Lanka late on Tuesday night and says he'd have no objection to a sensible and respecting isolation system.

Huguet told RNZ reporter Katie Todd his hunger strike will continue until 'the powers in control start respecting that people in MIQ are responsible adults.'

MIQ has been contacted for comment.