16 Feb 2022

Muslim Otago schoolgirl's hijab ripped off

From Morning Report, 7:53 am on 16 February 2022

An Otago schoolgirl ended up in hospital with concussion after three other students ripped her hijab off and beat her. 

Hoda Al-Jamaa was sitting with her friends at Otago Girls' High School when three other girls asked them how to swear in arabic and started taunting them. 

Things escalated from there and Hoda had her hijab ripped off and was hit while others filmed her. 

Hoda says she was pinned down under their knees, while she waited for the teacher to come help her.  

The girls then took her hijab off and continued filming her - the video which has now been shared with boys and girls around the school - which is deeply offensive. 

The attackers tried to do the same to Hoda's two other friends. 

During the altercation Hoda says she was hit in the head so much she had to go to hospital for concussion, which now makes learning very hard, although she's very hesitant to go back to school. 

Hoda says she's asked for the students to apologise in front of the school, but she doesn't trust that the teachers will do anything because they haven't before.

Hoda says this is not the first violent attack she's been involved in frequently she says she has the fingers pulled at her, and she is called a terrorist by other students. 

The police have identified the three alleged offenders and said this is deeply concerning and an investigation is still underway.