15 Feb 2022

Covid-19: Convoy protesters refuse police parking offer

From Morning Report, 6:10 am on 15 February 2022

Down at parliament it looks like protesters have not taken up the offer to move their vehicles off Moleswoth and other nearby streets and into the Sky Stadium car park, but police say there's no need to forcibly remove vehicles yet.

Protesters were able to move their cars from half past 6 last night.

Gridlocked streets in the CBD are wearing thin for Wellingtonians, with about 100 cars blocking the roads surrounding parliament, causing disruption to businesses, schools and Victoria University.

Wellington district commander Superintendent Corrie Parnell says the priority is to get the roads clear.

He says communication lines between "key influencers" at the protest have been positive and he is optimistic many of the vehicle owners will move their cars on their own.

Parnell says the stand-off is unprecedented but maintains the best result will come from working collaboratively. 

He says police have been in contact with towing companies and the defence force about forcibly moving some vehicles.

But that this isn't in the works yet.