22 Dec 2021

Stolen bucket fountain pail returned with new paint job

From Morning Report, 8:39 am on 22 December 2021

The missing pail from Wellington's famous bucket fountain has been brought home just in time for Christmas, albeit with an odd paint job.

Its disappearance sparked a city-wide hunt and after two months, a tip-off to the council has led to the bucket's return.

Wellington City Council spokesperson Richard MacLean told Morning Report the council found the bucket after it was sent a photo that showed two members of the public drinking from the bucket.

That information was passed on to the police, who then found the bucket and returned it to council.

Police have confirmed they're speaking with one individual, who's going through a "restorative justice process".

The bucket is not in the same condition it left in, it now has a new gold paint job with a dragon motif.

MacLean said he's not a fan of the idea of anyone else adding their own personal touch to the fountain.

"If everyone then starts kind of pulling the bucket apart and taking it away and sticking sort of their own version of the Mona Lisa on it or whatever, we'll end up with a very weird looking bucket fountain."