19 Oct 2021

Māori health funding compensation calculations taking too long - Waitangi Tribunal

From Morning Report, 8:25 am on 19 October 2021

The Waitangi Tribunal says it is taking far too long to calculate how much compensation Māori health services should get to make up for years of underfunding.

It says the delay compounds the prejudices Māori have already suffered.

The Tribunal is also calling on the government to ensure the newly-appointed Māori Health Authority is given enough money and power to uphold tino rangatiratanga. 

The recommendations are the outcome of the Waitangi Tribunal Health Services and Outcomes Inquiry, known as Wai 2575, that started in 2016 and has heard from more than 200 submitters.

Māori News Director Māni Dunlop joins us now to explain what these recommendations mean.