4 Oct 2021

Covid-19: Ministers looking at 'roadmap' beyond single decisions - Ardern

From Morning Report, 7:24 am on 4 October 2021

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says ministers will be considering a road map that looks beyond single decisions when deciding on restrictions in Auckland today.

Ardern told Morning Report people will naturally look for a full alert level shift but there are other options.

"What we've been doing instead is just looking across the board at all of the restrictions, and looking at whether or not there are some options there that are lower risk that we could ease just to support Aucklanders."

She said officials will be looking at whether or not cases discovered so far are attributable to certain restrictions.

"We can get into a bit of granular detail over where we have had spread, what has caused that, and therefore make a determination of what we consider high risk versus lower risk options around supporting Aucklanders."

Waikato update

The Covid-19 cases that emerged in Waikato yesterday have been genomically linked to the Auckland outbreak, and more positive cases have been detected overnight in one of the households.

Parts of Waikato have gone into alert level 3 overnight because of the two initial cases - in Hamilton and Raglan - which are linked to each other, but not yet to an infection source.

Ardern confirmed there have been new cases in the household of the person from Raglan who tested positive.