27 Sep 2021

Iceland election: New government will have more women than men

From Morning Report, 6:14 am on 27 September 2021

Iceland's new government has more women in power than men for the first time ever, as final results from the national election come in.

Voters in Iceland elected 33 women to govern the country, which has been ranked the most gender-equal in the world for 12 years straight by the World Economic Forum.

The current government is made up of Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir's Left-Green Movement, the conservative Independence Party and the centrist-agrarian Progressive Party.

With the Left-Green Movement losing ground and having eight other parties fighting for the reins, it's unclear who will be handed the mandate to form the next government.

Copenhagen's Polar Research and Policy Initiative fellow Mikkel Schøler spoke to Susie Ferguson.