16 Sep 2021

Government needed to delay climate plan due to agencies' ineptitude - Climate Campaigner

From Morning Report, 6:08 am on 16 September 2021

A climate campaigner says there's a bunch of good reasons for the Government to delay its plan to tackle the climate crisis - the main one being what he calls the 'staggering ineptitude' of government agencies to get started on the work.

The government is giving itself a five-month extension on its deadline to publish the Emissions Reduction Plan, which will set out how New Zealand will meet its climate targets.

The plan was due by the end of the year but Cabinet agreed to the delay because of the Covid-19 pandemic and to align the plan with next year's budget.

This came on the same day that a global watchdog slapped our response to the climate crisis as 'highy insufficient'.

1Point5 Project founder Dr Paul Winton spoke to Corin Dann.