15 Sep 2021

Covid-19: Health Minister on vaccination buses rollout

From Morning Report, 7:36 am on 15 September 2021

The first vaccination buses will be on the streets in parts of Auckland where vaccination numbers are low on Thursday.

The Health Minister Andrew Little told Morning Report authorities are eager for rubber to hit the road.

"We know that if we take vaccination services and facilities out to people who are struggling to get access to them, otherwise, we know that we can make a difference."

Little said plans are still being developed for vans to operate in more rural areas, such as Northland, taking the shots to small towns.

He said staff on board will be able to explain to people why the vaccine is so important and hopefully overcome any hesitancy.

But there won't be any suggestions for a bus name coming from the minister, who said that role is best left up to somebody else.

"I'm sure there'll be there'll be more creative minds than mine that will come up with rhyming couplets or something in that vein."