8 Sep 2021

Covid-19: Middlemore needs better patient screening - NZNO

From Morning Report, 7:16 am on 8 September 2021

The Nurses Organisation says more rigorous screening of patients presenting at hospitals is needed after an exposure event at Middlemore. 

Four wards are closed, patients are being isolated, and nearly 30 staff have been stood down after a Covid-19 case tested positive after being unknowingly admitted on  Saturday.

Kate Weston told Morning Report patients seem to be being treated as Covid-negative until proven positive, but the process should be the other way around. 

"There is Covid in the community, so you've got to expect that Covid is coming through your door."

She said having 13 nurses stood down is going to have a huge effect on the hospital. 

"To have to stand down anybody at all in this environment is actually going to exacerbate an already pre-existing very tight staffing situation."