3 Sep 2021

Covid-19: Grant Robertson on infected man's escape from MIQ

From Morning Report, 7:08 am on 3 September 2021

Answers are being demanded after a man infected with Covid-19 escaped from hotel quarantine for an extended period in Auckland early on Thursday.

The man was arrested at a house in Otahuhu yesterday afternoon and has been charged with failing to comply with a health order.

It's been revealed that he left his room three times before finally making the escape.

Deputy Prime Minister Grant Robertson told Morning Report investigations into the incident are underway, but the Novotel Ellerslie is secure enough to serve as a quarantine facility.

"This is a facility that's been operating as a MIQ for some time now, therefore it has the security arrangements that we would expect for that.

"We have very high standards of security for all of the facilities, and that includes things like double fencing and cameras and so forth."

He said how the man's escape was not caught on the CCTV cameras is one of the things they would be looking into.