28 May 2021

Scott Morrison could be in trouble if he comes to NZ as planned - Jennifer Curtin

From Morning Report, 7:18 am on 28 May 2021

Government officials are scrambling to work out how the Australian Prime Minister can visit New Zealand this weekend without having to go into isolation.

Scott Morrison is scheduled to arrive in New Zealand this Sunday, for a much anticipated two-day visit.

However, his meeting comes as Melbourne is in lockdown.

A public health order issued yesterday requires anybody in New Zealand who has been in the Greater Melbourne area since May 20, to self-isolate until they returned a negative Covid-19 test.

Morrison was in Pakenham, a suburb of Melbourne, for an interview on 20 May.

University of Auckland Professor of Politics Jennifer Curtin says coming here could be a bad look for Australian voters.

She spoke to Corin Dann.