26 May 2021

Spy camera case points to problems with name suppression - expert

From Morning Report, 8:23 am on 26 May 2021

The Police, RNZ and NZME have succeeded in being able to reveal the identity of a man who planted a camera in a gym changing room.

Phillip Barnes who at the time was general manager of the Crown agency International Accrediation New Zealand - used his job to keep his identity secret.

Despite pleading guilty to making an intimate recording he told the court, if he was publicly named, it would affect the country's pandemic response.

He was discharged without conviction and given permanent name suppression, meaning no one would know of his offending and he would avoid a criminal record.

Barnes was later was promoted to CEO of the organisation.

The Police, RNZ and NZME took their case opposing name suppression all the way to the Supreme Court.

Massey University's Dr Cathy Strong says this case points to problems with name suppression in New Zealand.

She spoke to Susie Ferguson.