12 May 2021

Entire towns to get Covid-19 vaccinations at once

From Morning Report, 8:38 am on 12 May 2021

More details are emerging of people in small towns getting Covid-19 vaccinations more quickly than originally planned under the government's priorities list.

Whanganui DHB says it plans to offer jabs to whole communties along the Whanganui River Road, and also Ratana in the next few weeks.

Reefton people can get vaccinated tomorrow, regardless of their age or health status - if they've managed to get an appointment, while quick-hit mass vaccinations are planned for settlements on the Chatham Islands, the East Coast and Taranaki among others.

Rural GP and health lecturer Gary Nixon told health correspondent Rowan Quinn that DHBs should work closely with local doctors and health centres if they want to get the rural rollout right.