20 Apr 2021

Former Exclusive Brethren member wants charitable status stripped

From Morning Report, 8:10 am on 20 April 2021

A former member of the Exclusive Brethren in Britain, is calling on the Government to strip the church of its charitable status.

Lance Christie, who was "excluded" from the church four years ago, was followed by private investigators during his visits to New Zealand and Australia to confront church leaders about what he calls their destructive doctrine of separation.

He told reporter Ruth Hill about the first time he knew he was followed. Doug Watt of the Plymouth Brethren Church says just like any church, we are sad if someone leaves us, but wish them all of the best in their lives, and of course, hope that one day they will change their mind.

In a written statement Watt says "What our Church or leadership does not do is launch secretive, clandestine, overnight operations with hired private investigators!"

He goes on to say "While we cannot comment on the actions of every individual within our Church, it is certainly true to say that the Church leadership has absolutely no knowledge or involvement in the matters you have described."