20 Apr 2021

Border exemptions need to be extended quickly - migrant

From Morning Report, 6:11 am on 20 April 2021

A woman who hasn't seen her husband in more than a year says changes to border exemptions need to be extended quickly.

The government has announced new rules to reunite migrant families kept apart by Covid-19.

The three new border exemptions are for families offshore who had visas but didn't make it in before the borders shut; a small number of highly-skilled specialist workers who earn over $107,000 dollars; and critical healthcare workers.

But those new rules don't help Mitishsa Prajapati.

She came from India to study a Masters of Global Business at Victoria University, and knows that she, and her daughter, still won't be seeing her husband any time soon.

Reporter Adam Jacobson asked her how that made her feel.