8 Apr 2021

Pike River: Families vowing to fight to push further into mine

From Morning Report, 8:41 am on 8 April 2021

Three-quarters of the families connected to the Pike River Mine disaster are vowing to push for a continued drift recovery, despite the government ending its funding.

A public statement last month, signed by the Pike River Family Reference Group, said families had reluctantly accepted a government decision to close the recovery project.

However, some of the families say they were blindsided by the statement, which they said didn't represent the majority.

At a meeting last night, 23 of 29 families who lost men in the 2010 explosion agreed they'll fight for further action in a bid to recover the bodies.

Recovery experts have agreed to conduct a risk assessment and cost analysis study into pushing the recovery a further 15-metres - to a key point in the mine.

Bereaved mother Carol Rose spoke to Susie Ferguson.