8 Apr 2021

Rule change for Member's Bills could see booze sold on Easter

From Morning Report, 7:44 am on 8 April 2021

Members bills have produced dramatic law changes like anti-smacking, marriage equality and more recently assisted dying - but up until now it's been the luck of the draw.

MPs who are not ministers can submit a bill into the ballot, but unless it's pulled out, it will never see the light of day. The only other way is to get leave of the House, which is highly unusual.

Among a number of parliamentary rule changes, one gives MPs a new ray of hope - if they can get the backing of at least 61 MPs, as long as they're not ministers, the bill goes straight to the top of the order paper - ready for debate.

Hoping to be the first is Labour's Kieran McAnulty with his bill to remove alcohol sale restrictions over Easter, on Christmas Day and Anzac Day.

Political editor Jane Patterson filed this report.