23 Nov 2020

David Carter distances himself from Goodfellow comments

From Morning Report, 6:37 am on 23 November 2020

Newly-minted National Party board member and former MP David Carter says he wouldn't have made the comments President Peter Goodfellow did to 550 delegates over the weekend.

Goodfellow partly blamed the party's abysmal results on the "celebrity Labour government" and called its Covid-19 response "tyrranical".

He was unanimously re-selected by the board as president on Saturday despite Carter receiving the highest number of votes from delegates.

RNZ understands not everyone in the caucus is happy with the outcome and MPs will gather at Parliament on Wednesday to discuss who will best represent their views on the board - a role traditionally held by the senior whip.

Carter told political reporter Jo Moir he didn't hear much of Goodfellow's speech but Sir John Key was right to tell leaking MPs to leave the party.