20 Nov 2020

Journalist says NZDF has different culture to Australian army

From Morning Report, 8:09 am on 20 November 2020

Investigative journalist Jon Stephenson, says New Zealand's troops in Afghanistan would not have acted in the same way as elite Australian soldiers.

A  four and a half year investigation which was made public yesterday found Australian special forces were involved in the murder and torture.

The Brereton Report released details of dozens of unlawful killings some of which were carried out as an initiation rite known as blooding.

Investigative journalist Jon Stephenson is the co-author of Hit and Run, the book which led to the Operation Burnham Inquiry.

He earlier this morning told First Up's Ellie Jay there isn't the same toxic warrior culture here.

Chief of Army Major General John Boswell said in a statement: "The ADF has said no New Zealand service personnel are persons of interest or affected persons as a result of the inquiry. 

"The inquiry makes no recommendations with regard to service personnel from New Zealand."