17 Nov 2020

Chris Hipkins won't say if NZ in line for Moderna vaccine

From Morning Report, 7:27 am on 17 November 2020

Chris Hipkins says New Zealand is in negotiations with a number of companies that are working to make a vaccine for Covid-19 but cannot say if work is underway to secure the latest one proven to be effective.

Moderna announced overnight its vaccine has been found to be 94.5 percent effective in preventing Covid-19.

Thirty-thousand people were involved in trialling the vaccine, with 15,000 people receiving a placebo injection.

Of that 15,000 90 became infected with Covid-19, 11 had severe cases.

The other 15,000 were given the Moderna vaccine, only five people got sick and nobody had serious symptoms. 

Hipkins told Morning Report he believes NZ will be able to get vaccines when they come onto the market, but he can't give too many details on ongoing negotiations due to commercial sensitivity.

"Because of commercial sensitivity involved I can't go into each and every negotiation," he said.

"But what I can say is when vaccines start to come to the market New Zealand will certainly be getting them."