16 Nov 2020

Bird of the Year: Kākāpō wins for the second time

From Morning Report, 8:35 am on 16 November 2020

The votes are in and the result is conclusive.

That's despite a desperate and unforgiveable attempt to steal the election by the shadowy forces of the little spotted kiwi lobby. 

As voting closed, there were two main contenders for the Bird of the Year - the antipodean albatross and the kākāpō, 

This year the kākāpō snatches the crown, for the second time.

That makes the green, flightless, nocturnal parrot the first bird in the competition's history to score a repeat win. It first won in 2008.

The critically endangered birds are known for their curiousity and charisma, as well as their unique and slightly disconcerting mating ritual.

It remains to be seen if the supporters of the little spotted kiwi will accept the result.

Forest and Bird's Laura Keown speaks to Susie Ferguson.